Zoya "Sabrina" Nail Polish, $8

Natural lighting on my toesies.
Indoor lighting.  Shown beside the bottle.

It's a very subtle color.  It's almost invisible until the light catches it, and then it becomes pearl.  I put on maybe three light coats not including the base coat and top coat.  It is not completely opaque, which means, uh . . . I dunno what it means.  This is my first time wearing nail polish since my wedding.  *shrug*  You have to apply more of it?  I guess?

I really like that it's not immediately noticeable that I'm wearing nail polish (I just don't get into bright nails) but it still adds a little surprise factor when the light hits my toes just right.

For skin tone reference, please note that I am a redhead, aka ginger, and therefore have the palest non-albino skin in the world (I think. Pretty sure. Just go with it).  As a gift, I present you with this lovely picture of a crowd of gingers:

My People
Also, I should apologize just in case you are grossed out by pictures of toes or gingers.  Sorry!   ^___^   For those of you who love gingers, though, I got that picture from the official Redhead Day Facebook page!  There's a whole day for us!  It's in the Netherlands!  Squee!

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