Don't Quit


Some jerk decides that your work sucks and thinks you should quit? Here's why you should do the exact opposite.

If you haven't been writing for long and decide to share your work, you might get someone who tells you you're crap and you should quit.

That person is a huge dick and you should not listen to them.

Not because your work is good (it might be, it might not) but because any veteran writer can tell you: quitting is the absolute worst thing you can do when you're trying to master a skill.

There's this survival mechanism -- I had it when I was starting out and most other writers did as well -- where you don't realize how bad your own work is. Some people (dicks) feel the need to explain exactly how bad it is because they can't stand someone being proud of work they don't like, and they don't understand that this is an artistic survival mechanism and also they're huge dicks, what do you expect?

The truth is that everyone starts out producing poorer quality work and the only thing that fixes that is to never quit.

You'll eventually be able to tell whether your first works were decent or really bad, but the not quitting part is the most important thing. Only practice and dedication and believing in yourself are going to keep you moving forward, keep you improving, until one day you realize that your work is actually pretty good. You'll still want to get better, and it's this continuous effort to be better than you were yesterday, and that's a good thing. That's being an artist.

But if you quit, you'll never get there.