Writing Texting


When my characters text in stories, everything is always spelled out with punctuation.

I realize it’s not how a lot of people actually text, that there are lots of shorthand codes for things, but I never learned most of those codes. Like, I was alive when LOL became a thing. I had to look it up to know what it meant. My mom thought it meant “Lots of Love,” and people online were actually disagreeing about it back then.

So spelling and punctuation and capitalization is how I actually text. And it’s how my family texts, and how most of my friends text.

But I know it’s not the norm. I do it that way in my stories because I feel it’s more important for the lines to be clear than to be accurate for how the characters would actually text.

And also I can’t not punctuate, it gives me hives or something. I’d hyperventilate if I had to leave off that many periods.