Real Life Spotlight: "Rapture" by Fauster Kent

Real Life Spotlight is where I recommend works by friends and family in my real life. These are not guaranteed to be works in the same genre as my own, nor will they automatically appeal to the same readers.

Rapture by Fauster Kent

Sarah Testament fears her father is dying. Or worse.

When the Reverend Bill Testament receives a vision of the world's end, Sarah must wrestle with her father's increasingly bizarre behavior, a tragic family history, her own faltering convictions, and the frailty of life itself.

"Rapture" is a psychological thriller that explores the fragile line between faith and madness.

My Review

I'm not an extensive reader of either horror stories or stories about The Rapture, so I can't compare this to the plots of other works. I am, however, an extensive reader, an aspiring writer, and will give my opinion from that point of view.

The writing is very strong. The descriptions are excellent, the images evocative, and the first scene really sets the tone for both main characters.

The story overall is quite dark but compelling. Definitely horror. Violence, language, disturbing situations.

The most intriguing mystery for me was "Who's right?" Is the end of days actually approaching, or have people been infected with a kind of madness spread by their charismatic leader? The line between right and wrong grows more and more apparent to the reader as the story goes on, and the stakes skyrocket.

To the very end, you wonder what is going to happen. To the main character, yes, but also to the world. To the possibly mad followers of a possibly mad leader. Will good or evil prevail? Logic or madness? Faith or fear? And is there any goodness left to even be saved?

It's worth reading just to answer those questions.

Notes From The Author

In the words of one angry and dissatisfied reviewer, Rapture is "Well written captivating trash" and another calls it "Deeply disturbing." I couldn't ask for better recommendations!

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