Putting In The Time


When someone looks at a piece of writing (mine or otherwise) and says that they could do better, my first thought is, "Then you should." But many who say that don't follow up on it because... well, people like to think that they could create something superior, but they're missing the one ingredient to make it happen -- they don't want to sit down and actually do it. That is the greatest difference between a writer and someone who thinks they could be a writer. You have to actually sit down and do it.

Those of us who write, and that includes everyone who takes the time to write, we all go through growing pains. It doesn't matter our age – whenever we begin, our work is rarely where we want it to be. Our first attempts are rarely that good, and we often compare ourselves to our favorite authors and get discouraged.

Let me tell you a secret: putting in the time will get you there.

Anyone – literally anyone – can get there by putting in the time. If you’re dedicated, if you work hard, if you don’t give up, you will get there.

Talent doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t stick with a craft. You can be the next coming of Mozart, but you will be outstripped easily by a no-talent hack if you don’t keep at it. But if you do… well, even if you’re a no-talent hack, you will end up producing better work than a lazy prodigy.

Art has more to do with not quitting than it does with talent. Whoever you are, however much or little talent you have, you will get to a place where you're proud of your work.

I promise.